I am determined to see the whole world, or at least a representative sample of everything the world has to offer, in my lifetime. After having overcome incredible adversity as a child, I know that each day, each moment, and each experience is a gift. It’s when I travel that I feel most at home, remain in the best mindset, and when I feel healthiest.

I got a bit of a late start with international travel – not really making it a habit until age 19. Since then I’ve explored outside the US on average about 2x per year – racking up 43 countries so far. I am not the type to relax on a beach. I prefer to be in motion! I find that I form the strongest connections with my surroundings through conversations with strangers, food, and through a camera lens.

I will go hours, even days out of my way to take the right photo from the exact right spot. I am always looking for opportunities to cross new borders. I am an avid learner of languages – having studied Spanish and French, I can make sense of Italian and Portuguese when I see it. Other languages come and go with surprising ease given the right context.

Contact me for ideas on how to maximize your next planned trip, or for ideas on how to start seeing the whole earth…one week, one trip at a time.

Country by Country